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zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Art and book market

Hi everybody.
Here another post from me.

Today I had a very good day!
The weather was very nice and hot, luckly it was a bit windy.
People liked my stand very much and in a short while I hope to give some workshop of Zpagetti.
If you like to join the workshop let my please know by e-mail. :D

Here a some pictures from my stand.
8.00 hr in the morning. And the sun was shining already!

10hr just starting. Market until 17hr :D

O what did I love to be there with all those nice people. I've had good chats

Zpagetti! Everbody loved it.

Nice to see: Funky Friends Factory  animals :)
Aren't they lovely?

Bye for now,

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