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woensdag 1 juni 2011

Yippee!! Almost art- and book market!

This saturday the 4th of June I am standing on the art and book market in my village!
Looking forward to it.
Till then I've got many last thing to do: prizing, last touches on the things made by myself....
I shall publish a photo from my stand when the market is finished.

Right now, I haven't got new pictures apart from my logo I put on a large poster to hang in my stand (behind me).

I hadn't told you that I'm registered for postcrossing.
My friend Anne-Jo told me about it. It very nice to do.
You can get nice postcards from all around the world. :D
Card from someone in Spain

One of my favourites with BUTTERFLIES!! From Texas, USA

Nice card with handycraft from Argentina

Beautiful beach from Scheveningen. Here in the Netherlands, hihi

Another gorgeous card from Australia

Don't you all want to write? :)
Love to hear from you.

Happy crafting,

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